IoT made by 7meerkat is something different
7meerkat IoT  technology
can easily control and operate
 all parking hardware using standard 
communication protocols for Barrier Gate, 
LPR system, and Auto payment system

All hardware in the parking lot  is installed 

outside and has difficulty in managing and controlling. 

Our 7meerkat Internet of Things (IoT) technology

can remotely control hardware such as Barrier Gate,

LPR system, and Auto payment system, etc. 

through the central server and Internet connection

if it is only connected to the Internet regardless of time and space. 

It also has intelligent IoT technology that can be 

controlled regardless of PC and mobile device types.

Radio remote control
Barrier gate control function offer
Support for various devices
7meerkat IoT for Specialized Parking Device
7meerkat Exclusive IoT Board

7meerkat's exclusive board, developed in embedded board form, has an open library. 

It is possible to manage remote firmware by developing its own bootloader without using it. 

It also integrates control boards and controllers used for existing hardware to manage maintenance. and are easy to update.


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